Associate Professor Gwendolyn Seidman, Ph.D., Chair
Professor Marsha B. Green, Ph.D. '63 
Associate Professors Julia F. Heberle, Ph.D.Susan M. Hughes, Ph.D. and Brenda J. Ingram-Wallace, Ph.D.
Assistant Professors Justin J. Couchman, Ph.D. and Keith Feigenson, Ph.D.

Evolutionary Studies Minor

We hope that this Minor will ultimately create an opportunity for faculty and students at Albright to (a) develop a deep understanding of evolutionary ideas, (b) conduct cross-disciplinary research using evolution as a synthesizing paradigm, and (c) contribute to novel ideas across disciplines guided by evolutionary reasoning. 

Albright allows students to individualize their curricula with Minor options. These Minors, consisting of five or six courses, are designed to complement the student’s major field of study. They provide an extra dimension to education and enhance career opportunities. The completion of a Minor will be indicated on the student’s transcript.

Dr. Susan Hughes – willing to advise or answer any questions for students interested in the program. Contact information:  Email: shughes@albright.edu, Phone: 610-929-6732

Course Curriculum for Minor:

Course 1.       PSY 100 - General Psychology

Course 2.         BIO 203 - Genetics -OR- 
                    BIO 152 – General Biology II: Systematics, Ecology and Evolution 

Courses 3 & 4. Choose two of the following courses:

PSY 319 - Evolutionary Psychology
BIO 220 - Evolution
ANT 342 - Human Evolution

Course 5. Choose one from the following:

PSY 319, BIO 220, or ANT 342 (if not already taken from Course 3 & 4 options)
PSY 205 - Biological Foundations of Behavior
PSY 350 - Animal Behavior and Cognition
PSY 265/ANT 265 - Ecological Psychology
BIO 331 - Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy 
BIO 494Mammalian Evolution 
ANT 285 - The Human Animal
ANT 320 - Sex/Gender/Culture
PHI 140 - Human Nature

*Additional courses: If special Seminars or Special Topics classes arise that may be pertinent to this program, students may petition their advisors to have other courses count toward this program.

*Includes opportunities for Independent Study and involvement in faculty research to fulfill program requirements.