Senior Instructor Adlai Binger, M.M., Co-Chair

Artist in Residence Jeffrey S. Lentz, M.M. '85, Co-Chair

Assistant Professor of Music Business Hal Weary, M.M.

Instructor Jesse Clark, M.M.

Lecturers  Joanne Earnest, Michael Eben, David Cullen, Tamara Black, Todd Keefer.

Music Department Phone: 610-921-7715

Music Industry Studies

Building on its successful co-major in Music Business, the Department of Music now also offers a full major in Music Industry Studies that weaves together artistry, industry, and technology in a full, structured, and integrated curriculum. The world of commercial music has undergone a seismic shift in identity and purpose as young, entrepreneurial artists have increasingly taken control of both the content and delivery of their artistic material to the mass market, thanks to advances in digital technology and user-friendly online distribution systems. This is not a trend but the new face of doing business in a digital world, assuming one has harnessed skill sets and problem solving abilities in both the world of artistry and of industry. The Music Industry Studies major will prepare students’ artistic talents along with their business talents, so that they can more fully enter the industry with vision and momentum. 


This interdisciplinary course of study integrates three focus areas: Artistry, Industry, and Technology. Artistry skills sets include course in theory/aural skills, composition, and history. Music Business skill sets concentrate focus on issues of music management, marketing/promotion, and law. Lastly, our Music Technology strand includes contact time with areas of audio (live sound) technology and sonic arts (studio engineering and editing).  Students who wish further study in business related skill sets may continue to take advantage of our co-major in Music Business linked with other co-majors such as in Business Administration, Arts Administration, Digital Communications, or Digital Media. 

Fine Arts Foundations -- Choose One of Three
   MUS 113 Rags, Rock and Rap: Popular Music and American Culture
   MUS 125 All That Jazz
   MUS 126 Music and the Cinema
Required Courses
   MUS 109 Applied Music Lessons (taken for 4 semesters as one “elective” credit)
   MUS 211 Theory and Aural Skills I
   MUS 212 Theory and Aural Skills II
   MUS 311 Commercial Keyboard Harmony
   MUS 360 Songwriting*

Required Courses
   MUS 215 Music Business I
   MUS 216 Music Business II
   MUS 340 Music Marketing and Promotion
   MUS 344 Artist Management
   MUS 345 Music Law
   MUS 491 Internship
   MUS 495 Senior Seminar

Required Courses
   THR 218 Audio Technology
   MUS 241 Sonic Arts I
   MUS 242 Sonic Arts II