Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures  

Associate Professor Adam M. John, Ph.D. (French and Spanish), Chair

Professors John S. Incledon, Ph.D. (Spanish), Karen J. Jogan, Ph.D. (Spanish), Newton A. Perrin, Ph.D. (German)

Associate Professors Arcana Albright, Ph.D. (French), Maria M. Melendez, Ph.D. (French and Spanish)

Assistant Professor Abbey McGovern, Ph.D. (Spanish)

Senior Instructors Melissa S. Katz, M.A. (Spanish), Kathy Ozment, M.A. (Spanish) 

Instructors Rona L. Haftel, M.A. (Spanish), Janice E. Rodriguez, M.A. (Spanish)

Visiting Instructor Eileen Wang (Chinese)

Adjunct Robert Monk, M.A. (German)

The Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures Department offers a full range of French and Spanish courses focusing on language, literature and culture, as well as more specialized courses in area studies, service learning and intensive conversation. Four semesters of elementary and intermediate German and three semesters of elementary and intermediate Chinese are offered in fulfillment of the general studies language requirement.

Graduates in foreign languages are prepared to go on to positions in elementary and secondary education, to law school and graduate school, and into travel and related service areas. Those students who have combined language study with other disciplines such as business, accounting, medicine, psychology and sociology often find greater career opportunities because of their skill in foreign languages.



A full major may be taken in French or Spanish. All majors in a modern language are urged to spend one semester or one year in an appropriate foreign country. Students preparing for careers in foreign language education are required to spend at least a semester abroad in an approved study program. Each foreign study program must be approved prior to the student's departure by the academic dean and the department chairperson.


Combined Majors

Combined majors (not including Foreign Language Education students) are required to take 202 or 204, 301, 302, three 300-level courses, and one 400-level seminar. Students who begin their studies in 301 follow a slightly different path, taking 302, four 300-level courses, and one 400-level seminar. Students in combined majors are encouraged, but not required, to study abroad.


Education Requirements

Foreign language teacher certification candidates must complete 301, 302, four 300-level courses, one additional 300-level elective in the foreign language, and 492 (or 491 plus Anthropology-ANT 101). Minimum related coursework must include 371 (Applied Linguistics) or IDS 201 (General Linguistics); and one additional course in 300-level foreign language, European studies or Latin American studies. An extensive study abroad experience is required prior to student teaching (one full semester abroad). Candidates must satisfy entrance and exit level testing requirements established by the department and the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

Students pursuing a combined major in Foreign Language and Early Childhood Education must complete 202 or 204, 301, 302, three 300-level literature or culture courses, and 491 or 492. A study abroad experience (Interim, summer or semester) is recommended


General Studies

General studies courses are offered in Chinese, French, German and Spanish. The general studies foreign language requirement may be satisfied in the following ways:

• one course at the 300-level (language or literature)
• two courses at the Intermediate level (201 or 203 and 202 or 204)
• two courses beginning at the Elementary II level (102 and 201) 
• three courses beginning at the Elementary I level (101, 102 and 201)



Study Abroad Programs

The Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures Department offers three January Interim study abroad opportunities. Students interested in French may study in Martinique and Paris, and those studying Spanish may study in the Dominican Republic. Please see the course descriptions for French 375, French 360 and Spanish 375.

Students also choose to study abroad through a variety of programs offered through other four-year colleges and universities. Albright College collaborates with the Center for Cross-Cultural Studies in Amherst, Mass., to send students to programs in Spain and Argentina. Students have studied in France, Quebec, Mexico, Costa Rica and Chile. Students design their own study abroad program based on the length of time they would like to spend in the host country. Students spend from three weeks to an academic semester in a foreign country.

All courses are conducted in the target language unless otherwise stated. Some foreign language courses at the 300-level may not be offered every year; consult the department for more information on course availability