Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures  

Associate Professor Adam M. John, Ph.D. (French and Spanish), Chair

Professors John S. Incledon, Ph.D. (Spanish), Karen J. Jogan, Ph.D. (Spanish), Newton A. Perrin, Ph.D. (German)

Associate Professors Arcana Albright, Ph.D. (French), Maria M. Melendez, Ph.D. (French and Spanish)

Assistant Professor Abbey McGovern, Ph.D. (Spanish)

Senior Instructors Melissa S. Katz, M.A. (Spanish), Kathy Ozment, M.A. (Spanish) 

Instructors Rona L. Haftel, M.A. (Spanish), Janice E. Rodriguez, M.A. (Spanish)

Visiting Instructor Eileen Wang (Chinese)

Adjunct Robert Monk, M.A. (German)


GER 101
Elementary German I

The sequence presents the necessary vocabulary and grammar for speaking, understanding and reading elementary German. The course is conducted in German with brief English explanations where needed. The course includes four hours of instruction per week.

GER 102
Elementary German II

Continuation of 101. The course includes four hours of instruction per week.  Prerequisite: GER 101

GER 201
Intermediate German I

This sequence, a continuation of “Elementary German,” includes more emphasis on reading German, and German culture and political life. The course includes  four hours of instruction per week. It is given in German with brief explanations in English as needed. Prerequisite: GER 102 or two years of secondary German or permission of instructor

GER 202
Intermediate German II

Continuation of German 201 with added emphasis on German culture and civilization. Four one-hour class meetings per week. Prerequisite: GER 201

GER 221
Literature in Translation

This course is a study of German short prose pieces centered on a cultural topic. The format of the course also includes the visual arts and film studies. Readings and discussions are in English. Topics have included: the Weimar Republic and the Third Reich, German romanticism in literature and philosophy, and the literary giants—Thomas Mann and Franz Kafka. This course satisfies the general studies humanities requirement. (European Studies)

GER 301
Advanced German I

This course provides an extensive review of basic language skills studied in lower-level language courses. It also explores language and culture in more sophisticated contexts. Students integrate language skills through extensive written and oral practice. Students analyze a variety of cultural and literary texts in order to have a more critical understanding of German-speaking cultures. Conducted in German. Four one-hour class meetings per week.
Prerequisite: GER 202, four years of high school German, or permission of instructor