Albright College Graduate Program

Master's Degree Program in Education

Albright College offers a master's degree program in education leading to the master of science (M.S.) or master of arts (M.A.) degree. Candidates may elect one of four concentrations within the program:

• General Education (including secondary content teacher certification, if desired)
• Special Education

The master's degree program requires 13 or 14 three-credit courses, which includes four core courses, five concentration courses, three liberal-studies strand courses and a capstone research component. Students choosing to do the capstone seminar track instead will be required to take one additional elective graduate level course. Candidates may elect to include work toward initial or additional teacher certification within the master's degree program.

Classes meet one night a week for 15 weeks in the fall and spring terms, and two nights a week for five weeks in the summer terms.  Applicants may start in any term and take classes at their own pace.

4 + 1 Program

Albright College offers a continuous uninterrupted program to obtain the bachelor's and master's degrees, in addition to teacher certification. The program can be completed in five years and one summer.

Undergraduate students who meet the requirements can apply for this program in the fall term of their junior year. They will take the first two graduate classes spring term senior year in addition to their remaining undergraduate coursework, then graduate with their undergraduate class, receive the undergraduate degree and return that summer to continue study for the master's degree. Coursework will continue summer session one, summer session two, fall, spring, and one more summer term to complete the certification and degree.

Interested candidates should direct questions concerning these programs, requirements, course costs, fees, application, etc. to the Graduate Division office at 610-921-7856.