English as a Second Language

Assistant Professor Ethan Joella, Director of ESL Program
Instructor Marian Wolbers
Lecturers Heidi Faust, Marion Piccolomini and Jessica Knudsen

Albright College's English as a Second Language program is an intensive, full-time program designed to guide and assist students in developing a strong command of the English language; to prepare students for academic coursework in English; and to help students adjust to college life in the United States. The program strives to embrace each student's learning style and linguistic ability and seeks to educate students as individuals in an environment that is affirming and respectful, yet encouraging and demanding.

The program is generally two semesters long. Each student's performance is evaluated regularly throughout the course of study, and the TOEFL may be required as part of the undergraduate admission review.

No academic credit is awarded for these courses.


ESL 001
As a Matter of Speaking

This course focuses on essential elements of standard American pronunciation and intonation, and emphasizes different forms and aspects of oral communication, such as presenting in front of the audience, effective listening, participating in group discussions and debates, story-telling, and using idioms and proverbs. Students learn to speak in complete sentences following the rules of the sound system, vocabulary usage, structure and grammar. The course also assists students in improving their self-confidence and use of posture and voice.

ESL 002
Writer's Workout/Keep an Eye on Reading

This course prepares students to write and read at a college-level capacity. Students write in a thorough variety of styles-assorted essays, creative pieces, analyses, in-class workshops and research papers. Students read and study novels, short stories, professional essays and the writings of their peers. Proper grammar usage is also emphasized.

ESL 003
America: Up Until Now

This course provides international students with an overview of the history of the United States in a language skill-building environment. Students study the people and events that have helped shape America over time. Reading, writing, speaking and vocabulary skills are emphasized in the context of US history.

ESL 004
Getting to Know American Culture

Students in this course study contemporary American culture while developing their English language skills.

ESL 005
English via American Cinema

Students in this course study contemporary and classic American cinema for the purpose of writing, speaking and discussion. Language skills such as speaking, listening, writing, idioms and grammar are reinforced; furthermore, American culture and history are also supported and introduced through the various films.

ESL 006
Tour of English: Grammar, Idioms, and
Spontaneous Speech

This course allows students to pursue a thorough study of grammar in addition to many important American English idioms. Furthermore, students are afforded the chance to apply their learning by practicing and composing short, spontaneous speeches.

ESL 007
Shaping up for TOEFL

This is a rigorous course designed to prepare students to take the latest version of the TOEFL. It can also be used for students who wish to improve their TOEFL scores.

ESL 008
Everyday Reading: Articles and Plays

In this course, students examine readings relevant to everyday life: articles from newspapers and magazines as well as adapted plays based on movies or works of literature. The purpose of this course is to prepare students to be fluent in writing, speaking and comprehension. Students receive the practice they need in order to be prepared for the rigorous demands of American college-level study. Language skills such as speaking, listening, writing, idioms and grammar are reinforced; furthermore, students evaluate and discuss the different works they read.