Professor Rodney Warfield, Ed.D., Department Chair
Associate Professor Susan Seidenstricker, Ed.D.
Associate Professor Denise Meister, Ph.D. 
Assistant Professor Douglas Stenberg, Ph.D.
Instructor Sheila Simyak
Teacher Certification Officer Michael Hipple

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Secondary Education Certification Programs

Candidates for secondary teacher certification in a content area complete a degree in the appropriate related major and also must fulfill the following professional course requirements:

  • EDU 202 Theories and Practices
  • EDU 214 Early Field Experience
  • EDU 230 Communication Skills for Teachers
  • EDU 314 Field Experience II
  • SPE 340 Inclusive Classroom 
  • SPE 341 Adolescents with Special Needs 
  • EDU 345 Secondary Methods I
  • EDU 346 Secondary Methods II
  • EDU 347 ELL Strategies for the Adolescent 
  • EDU 350 Instructional Technology
  • EDU 440 Teacher as Researcher: Data Driven Instruction 
  • English (2 units)
    a. Composition (ENG 102)
    b. Literature
  • Math (2 units)
  • General Psychology (PSY 100)
  • Human Development (PSY 230)
  • Professional Semester
    a. EDU 403 Professional Seminar
    b. EDU 407 Secondary Student Teaching
    c.  EDU 408 Secondary Student Teaching

    Secondary teacher candidates must consult Education Department faculty and major departments for information concerning specific course requirements for each certification area.