Professor Rodney Warfield, Ed.D., Department Chair
Associate Professor Susan Seidenstricker, Ed.D.
Associate Professor Denise Meister, Ph.D. 
Assistant Professor Douglas Stenberg, Ph.D.
Instructor Sheila Simyak
Teacher Certification Officer Michael Hipple

Within the context of a liberal arts education, the mission of the teacher certification programs at Albright is the development of broadly educated professionals who are knowledgeable in areas of specialization, skilled in pedagogy, technologically proficient, and cognizant of divergent learning processes. Albright aims to develop reflective practitioners who are knowledgeable and thoughtful facilitators of the learning, growth, and development of students in a culturally diverse and technologically complex world.

Pennsylvania Department of Education approved teacher education programs leading to certification are offered in:

• Art Education
• Foreign Language Education: French and Spanish
• Secondary Education: Biology, Chemistry, English, Mathematics, Physics, Social Sciences
• Early Childhood Education (Pre-Kindergarten-4th Grade) No incoming freshmen admitted to this program after Fall 2015
• Middle Level Education: Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies (4th-8th Grade) No incoming freshmen admitted to this program after Fall 2015

Students interested in certification programs must contact an Education Department adviser early in their college tenure to insure scheduling of all required courses and experiences.

The objectives of the Education Department are the selection and preparation of teachers for the profession. Programs are developed and revised annually to meet the Pennsylvania requirements for teacher certification.

Candidates for teacher certification are screened throughout the program and, upon recommendation of the Education Department and the Albright Teacher Education Committee, complete a professional semester in the senior year or a ninth semester.

Aggregate pass scores for recent education program completors on PA PRAXIS assessments are available upon request from the admission office or the Education Department.

Albright offers membership in the student organization of the Pennsylvania Education Association. Outstanding education students are invited to join Kappa Delta Pi, the education honor society.

Admission to the Teacher Certification Program

In accordance with Pennsylvania Department of Education regulations, students may apply for admission to a teacher certification program at Albright after completing three semesters of study. Requirements for admission include:

• Minimum 2.8 GPA
• ENG 102 Composition with a C or above
• Math (2 units) with a C or above
• Literature (1 unit) with a C or above
• Pass scores on PAPA (reading, writing, math)

Teacher Certification Requirements.

The following are the general requirements for inclusion and retention in all Albright College teacher certification programs culminating in a professional semester that includes student teaching. Specific state requirements (minimum GPA, PAPA and PRAXIS tests, course requirements) for teacher certification are revised for each entering class. Candidates for Pennsylvania teacher certification must consult with an Education Department adviser for current information regarding specific requirements.

  1. Successful admission into an Albright Teacher Certification Program.
  2. Passing scores on all Pennsylvania required PAPA and PRAXIS tests.
  3. A grade of C or above in all education, content, and general studies courses required for certification. (A grade of C- does not qualify.)
  4. Recommendation of Major department.
  5. Recommendation of Education Department.
  6. Successful completion of all requirements of the professional semester.
  7. Satisfactory rating in all competencies designated by the Pennsylvania Department of Education
  8. Minimum 3.0 GPA

All certification programs offer opportunities for extensive field and classroom experiences


Upon completion of all approved certification program and College graduation requirements, the candidate is eligible to apply for the Pennsylvania teaching certificate.

  1. The Early Childhood Education Certification Program certifies teachers to teach nursery through fourth grade. (for certification students graduating prior to 2020) 
  2. The Middle Level Education Certification Program certifies teachers to teach fourth through eighth grade. (for certification students graduating prior to 2020) 
  3. Secondary School Certification Programs certify teachers in grades 7 through 12.
  4. Foreign Language and Art Certification Programs certify teachers to teach in kindergarten through grade 12.