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Admission to Albright

This catalog describes admission and academic information for the Undergraduate Day Division of Albright College. For information about the Graduate Division, or Accelerated Degree Programs, see the Academic Information section. You may also contact the Graduate Division at 610-921-7856 or Accelerated Degree Programs at 610-921-7799.

Undergraduate Day Division

Interviews and Campus Visits

Prospective students may visit campus throughout the year. Although not required, an interview with an admission counselor is highly recommended. Prospective students who wish to schedule an interview and tour of campus should call the Admission Office at least two weeks prior to the desired appointment date.

Applying for Freshman Admission

The first step in seeking admission to Albright College is to submit an application and other required documents to the Admission Office on or before the recommended application date of March 1. Applications are available from the Admission Office or online.

Students may file an application at any time after the beginning of the senior year in high school. Applicants are notified of the admission decision on a rolling basis, typically two to three weeks after their application is complete.

Applicants for admission to the freshman class must have a satisfactory school record and be candidates for graduation from secondary school. Students are expected to pursue a strong college preparatory program that includes the following distribution of courses:

  • English, four years
  • History and social studies, three to four years
  • Foreign language, two to three years of the same language
  • Science, three to four years
  • College preparatory mathematics, three to four years
  • Additional college preparatory electives

The Admission Committee carefully reviews and evaluates each application and its supporting credentials. Applicants are required to submit the following materials:

    1. Application and essay
    2. High school transcript (including senior grades or classes in progress)
    3. Secondary School Report form (completed by the guidance counselor)
    4. Recommendation from a teacher who has taught the applicant in the junior or senior year in a major subject
    5. Standardized test scores (either SAT I or ACT ) or, if applying as a Test Optional candidate, an in-person interview with an admission counselor.

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Applying for Transfer Admission

Transfer applicants may apply for either the fall or spring semester. The application deadline for the fall semester is July 15. Transfer students for the spring semester, which begins in late January, should complete the application process by December 7.

The Admission Committee carefully reviews and evaluates each transfer application and its supporting credentials. Transfer applicants are required to submit the following materials:

1. Transfer application and essay
2. College transcript (including latest grades and classes in progress)
3. Transfer Questionnaire form (completed by the dean of students)
4. Recommendation from a professor
5. High school transcript (if the applicant has completed less than 24 credit hours of transferable courses at the time of application)

A credit evaluation will be completed at the time of the application review. Typically, students receive credit for courses with a grade of "C" or better from accredited colleges or universities, as long as those courses are comparable to Albright's course offerings.

andidates will be notified in writing about both their admission decision and approved transfer credits.

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International Student Admission

Albright College actively seeks to enroll qualified international students. Applications are reviewed by the international student coordinator within the Admission Office. Albright does offer a limited amount of financial aid through the Albright International Scholarship Program.

Because correspondence and records from overseas are often delayed, it is important that foreign students begin the admission process as early as possible.

International students are required to take either the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the SAT I test. Taking both tests, although not required, is helpful in evaluating the candidate's verbal and mathematics ability and is strongly recommended.

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Early Admission - Junior Year

Early admission is appropriate for mature, responsible high school juniors who have exhausted the courses offered by their school and wish to bypass their senior year by enrolling as a full-time Albright student. In addition to the normal admission criteria, the Admission Committee assesses the candidate's readiness to take on the challenges of college.

Early Admission applicants should fulfill the same criteria for admission as a regular decision candidate and are asked to submit a high school transcript, application and essay, teacher and counselor recommendations, and SAT scores (or have a test optional interview) by March 1 of the junior year. In addition, an on-campus interview with a member of the admission staff is required of all early admission candidates.

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Post Baccalaureate Admission

Candidates who wish to attend Albright College after they have completed their bachelor's degree are required to submit a Post-Baccalaureate Application for Admission with a statement explaining the reason for pursuing post-baccalaureate course work, all college transcripts, and a transfer questionnaire (not applicable for Albright College alumni). All students interested in pursuing course work, whether towards a second degree or just taking classes after they have completed a bachelor's degree, are subject to the per course tuition rate and not eligible for institutional merit or need based financial aid. This applies to all post-baccalaureate students, whether they are attending full time or part time. This rate applies to Albright graduates as well as those who attended other institutions. This tuition rate also applies to students returning for education certification.

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Enrolling At Albright

Upon notification of acceptance by the Admission Office, freshman applicants are asked to submit an enrollment deposit of $200 on or before May 1. The $200 deposit is non-refundable and is held in escrow until the student graduates or withdraws after completing at least one semester.

Deferred Admission
Deferred admission may be granted. Any requests for deferral should be submitted to the Admission Office in writing.

Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate (IB) Credit
Albright College participates in the Advanced Placement (AP) program of the College Entrance Examination Board. Examination scores of four or five will result in one course unit of credit toward graduation. Designation of course credit often satisfies a requirement of the general studies curriculum, thus allowing students to schedule an additional elective course. Results of the Advanced Placement exams should be sent to either the Admission Office or the Registrar's Office once the student has decided to enroll at Albright.

Six course units of credit are available for holders of an International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma with superior performance (scores of five or higher) on at least three higher level exams. Individual course credit is available for scores of five or higher on single higher level IB course exams.

SAT II Subject Tests
Albright College does not require SAT II Subject Tests as part of the admission review; however, placement in a higher level course may be granted to students who receive an exemplary score on the examination. SAT II Subject Tests that would be considered for placement purposes include English composition, foreign language and (for B.S. candidates) mathematics level II.

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