Transfer Process

Meet Your Counselor

Loren Morgan

Loren Morgan

Hi! My name is Loren Morgan, and I am Albright's Transfer Coordinator. I encourage you to peruse the transfer website, as it has lots of useful information to assist you in the transfer process.

If you are considering transferring to Albright, I suggest you make an appointment to visit the College and speak with me about the transfer process. When you visit campus, bring a copy of your transcript and I can tell you what courses will transfer.

Albright has a number of transfer agreements with community colleges, and we have Transfer Equivalency Guides online for many of these.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me by email at transfer@albright.edu or by phone at (800) 252-1856.

Graduation Requirements

To graduate from Albright, a student must:

  • complete 32 course units, at least 16 of which must be taken at Albright
  • complete the requirements within your major(s)
  • complete 15 General Studies courses

General Studies Requirements:

  • English Composition (ENG) - two courses are required.
  • Humanities (HUM) - four courses are required from at least three of the following areas: literature, history, philosophy or religious studies.
  • Foreign Language (FOR LANG) - one to three courses are required. Native speakers of a foreign language are exempt.
  • Quantitative Reasoning (QUA) - one mathematics or statistics course is required.
  • Natural Science (LAB SCI) - one lab science course is required from one of the following: biology, chemistry, environmental science, optics or physics.
  • Social Science (SOC SCI) - two courses are required from two of the following: anthropology, economics, political science, psychology or sociology.
  • Fine Arts (FINE ART) - one course is required from art, theatre or music.
  • Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS) - one course that spans two disciplines is required.

Academic Advising

Your faculty advisor will initially meet with you to select courses and to discuss career goals. He or she will help you explore Albright's unusually flexible curriculum - options that range from the Alpha Program for students undecided about choosing a major to opportunities for combining majors and career internships.

You will meet regularly with your faculty advisor, and you should not hesitate to meet with her/him whenever you have questions or concerns.


On-campus housing is guaranteed at Albright. We offer many housing options, including North Hall special interest "suites," a popular choice for small groups of transfer students in their second year at Albright. You will feel equally at home in any of our other residence halls.

Transfer Student Orientation

All new students enjoy a four-day orientation program prior to the start of the fall semester. Transfer students are placed together in one orientation group.

Transfers may skip sessions that address adjustment to college life in general. There are, however, many other events designed to acquaint transfers with Albright's campus and the more than 80 student-run organizations.

Spring semester orientation is a shortened version of fall orientation.

"I enjoyed Albright's transfer student orientation so much that I became involved as an orientation leader the following year. Here, transfers receive individual attention. They're not left to become lost in the crowd."

Christina Ellsworth
Business Administration/Management major

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