Admission Overview

Since the college search can be a stressful journey, Albright College emphasizes a student and family friendly approach to the college application process.  Our rolling admission process permits students to apply throughout their senior year of high school with a recommended deadline of March 1 for full admission and scholarship consideration.  Students are welcome to apply anytime after the completion of their junior year of high school and the Admission Office will begin to make decisions October 1.  Students who complete their applications will generally receive a decision within two to three weeks.

Applying via rolling admission gives prospective students the luxury of using their entire senior year to decide what college environment best suits them after all questions about cost, academic major, housing and fit are decided.  Students can apply with an Albright paper or online application; the College also accepts the Common Application and Universal Application.  All applications are given equal consideration. Rolling admission guarantees that any offer of admission is honored until the May 1 candidate reply date.

As we review an application, we are looking to determine if the applicant will be successful in his or her academic career at Albright. Every year Albright’s graduating class confirms that high school achievement in challenging courses, extracurricular activity, strong character and polished writing ability lead to a rewarding four years at Albright. If you are ready to be challenged by your professors, your peers, your coaches and your community, we encourage you to apply. To learn what we find important as we evaluate an application, please view How We Read Applications .