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Welcome to Albright College!

Our mission is to inspire and educate the scholar and leader in each student, building on a strong foundation in the liberal arts and sciences and a commitment to the best of human values, fostering a commitment to a lifetime of service and learning.

chemWe are a society that enjoys information at our fingertips, decisions yesterday and dashboard indicators to lessen the amount of reading time necessary to get answers.  A college education and college search are antonyms to these philosophies.  College students are asked to read, to present their critical thoughts both verbally and in writing and to discover through discussion, debate, and research that everything is related to everything else.  It is because of this that we encourage families to take their time with their college searches.  To research, to visit, to converse, to question, to feel, are all recommended pieces of a college search.

The Internet has enhanced a family’s ability to investigate more colleges than ever before, however I would like to recommend that you only allow the web to guide your search. It should not be the ultimate selection maker.  While 3-D technology is advancing quickly, a computer screen cannot provide you the depth of a school; it cannot create a relationship with a future mentor in the classroom; and, it doesn’t permit you to be educated in a classroom by those around you. 

A college search should be fun. It should be shared, and it can be an adventure.  It should also be taken seriously.  Please use the Albright web site as a resource, research your major, review the statistics, take an online tour and exchange thoughts with Albright students and admission professionals.  Then visit campus to realize that there is nothing like having an in-person conversation about your dreams and desires with an admission counselor, and that you can be inspired by a one-on-one conversation with a professor or coach. 

pondingI’m thrilled that you have decided to examine Albright College and our web site.  Please use our staff as a resource as we are educators to the college search, not salesmen.  We wish you all the success with your college search and welcome your visit to campus.

Chris H. Boehm
Assistant Vice President for Enrollment & Director of Admission

News from the Academic Departments

  • Theatre - The Domino Players one of four shows to be selected to perform at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.
  • Psychology - An Albright professor's work on the chemistry of a kiss finds national media
  • Education - A partnership between Albright and a nearby elementary school improves teaching methods for non-English speaking students
  • Biology - Student research on the effects of grafitti remover on the Northern Leopard Frog is presented at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research
  • Visual Arts - Albright's Arts professors are still active artists
  • International Relations - Model UN club travels to D.C. to work with delegations from all over the world
  • Foreign Languages - The Language Exchange club gets students speaking Spanish, Korean, Japanese, English and more!
  • Computer Science - What students have to say about CSC 391 - Mobile Programming
  • Fashion Design - Albright alumna turns a senior seminar idea into a footwear design career
  • Biology - Biology majors and non-majors do field research in an Australian rainforest
  • Service Learning - A trip to Camp Boggy Creek, Florida, pays off in self-awareness
  • Fashion - An Albright alumna opens her own boutique in West Reading
  • Theatre - Albright professor and alumnus pens a play for the Domino Players using social media through the writing process
  • Music Business - 2010 alumnus already has his own entertainment production company
  • Spanish - Students in an introductory Spanish class get involved in the community as part of their coursework
  • First Year Seminar - The First-Year Seminar is a gateway from high school-level work to college-level expectations
  • Criminology - The Senior Seminar in Criminology examines the phenomenon of serial killers
  • Business - An Albright student reflects on his internship in Singapore
  • Spanish - A three-week class taught in the Dominican Republic teaches more than just language
  • Holocaust Studies/History - Recording accounts of one of humanity's greatest tragedies
  • Education/Sciences - Albright alumni share why they love to teach
  • Environmental Science/Environmental Studies - Thoughts on the Environmental Capstone Course
  • Psychology - A student and professor study how voice can be a turn-on...or a turn-off
  • Digital Media - An Albright alumnus graduates - then immediately wins a $10,000 commercial-creation competition
  • Biology/Psychology - Students study in Hawaii to examine the effects of shipping patterns on the behavoir of humpback whales
  • Chemistry/Pre-Med - An alumnus' work for pharmecutical Sanofi-Aventus helps determine which medicines hit the market
  • Biology - An alumna studies why African-American men have the highest incidence rate of prostate cancer of any group in the world
  • Political Science - How one of Albright's top professors leaves an impact on his students
  • Pre-Law - An Albright alumna works as an appointed defense lawyer in the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia
  • Theatre - The Domino Players selected to perform at the Region II National Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival for the second year in a row
  • Environmental Science - An Albright team wins an award for its use of GIS technology to map the Schuykill River Watershed
  • Theatre - The Domino Players selected to perform The Laramie Project at the Region II National Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival
  • Chemistry/Biochemistry - A Q&A with Albright professor Pamela Artz
  • International Relations - An Albright student studies in Spain, revives an old club, and meets a major author
  • Economics/Religious Studies - Course offering examines the relationship between religion and business in Japan
  • Arts - Albright alumna turns an interest in art into a career in baking cupcakes
  • Theatre - Albright didn't have a black box theatre - until the students created a virtual one!
  • Pre-Med - Albright students take charts for doctors at Reading Hospital to get a jump on medical school
  • Journalism - Albright alumni adapt to a world with less print-media
  • International Relations - An Albright alumnus works with the Red Cross to help the United States meet its Geneva Convention Obligations
  • Fashion - The Fashion Department hosts a public Victorian ball with ball gowns designed by the students
  • History/Environmental Science - Two Albright professors and a cadre of students undertake a project to document a Brazilian river's history
  • Chemistry - An Albright freshman joins his professor's team attempting to make organic molecules more reactive