Homeschooled Students

Albright has traditionally attracted homeschooled students because of our small classroom sizes and nurturing environment. The College requires the same application information and high school curriculum from homeschooled students as it does from those applying from traditional high schools. However, we often need some additional information to provide clarity about the courses or curriculum you have completed.

Applications requirements:

  • A completed application for admission
  • An essay or graded paper
  • Your SAT I or ACT scores
  • A description of your homeschool program with detailed information about coursework completed and the home school’s accreditation agency
  • A recommendation from your primary instructor evaluating objectively your preparedness for college. If your primary instructor is a parent, then we require an additional recommendation from someone else who can comment on your readiness for college.

For more information, contact the Admission Office at 800-252-1856.