albright admission  

Academic Overview

Our interactive courses are taught by professors who know how to engage you to delve more deeply into subjects in order to learn and explore beyond the typical course outline. These professors recognize the importance of a liberal arts education, appreciating that no single subject can be taught well without influence from other fields. Our academic programs reflect that interdisciplinary nature of the professional and academic world, and more than half take their learning even further by combining concentrations or developing an Individualized concentration.

We understand that as you leave high school, you may be unsure where your strongest interests lie. Through our Alpha Program, students who have yet to decide their course of study are matched with advisers who are adept at career counseling. Students also attend events to help determine their academic strengths. The Alpha Program gives students the first two years of their academic careers at Albright to define which concentration is the best fit. Some programs of study are designed to be easily combined with others, which can facilitate pursuing your multiple interests. 

Follow this link to see our programs of study, including the pre-professional programs that have been very successful in placing students on to further study. Each link connects you to more detailed information, but if you have any questions or you cannot find something, please contact us! We also invite you to explore some of the other distinctive academic options, such as the January Interim session or our Honors Program.