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Meet Yvette Johnson

Major: Business Administration
Location: Blue Bell
Position: Art Dealer (self-employed)
Favorite Class: Accounting, International Business and Science in the Modern World

Yvette’s Story

On a lazy Sunday, Yvette Johnson made a life-altering decision. She had encountered a crossword clue—a seven-letter word for “place for higher education”—and penciled in “college.” When she glanced over at the television and saw an ad for Albright, the coincidence was too powerful to explain away. “Now if this isn’t kismet, I don’t know what is,” Yvette thought to herself. “This is where I’m going to college, no matter what.” True to her word, Johnson graduated from Albright in December 2010 with a GPA of 3.95.

Yvette entered Albright as a successful, self-employed art dealer who traveled the world in her work. Initially, she worried about balancing work and school, but with the help of a supportive faculty, attentive advisors, and close-knit group of peers, Yvette persisted.

In fact, it was Albright’s unique cohort system, in which a small group of peers take the same classes together, from entering to graduating, that especially helped Yvette to excel. “I take credit for my degree on some level of my own, but this was truly an effort of all the people in that classroom. I would not have made it through this without all of my other classmates,” she said.

Now that Johnson has finished her degree, she continues to feel its influence in all areas of her career. She no longer needs an accountant to maintain her books, she knows how to market a gallery show, and due to courses like “International Business,” she can confidently strike business deals in new countries, such as China and Japan.

Yvette Johnson, business administration major and art dealer, realized there was no good reason not to complete her degree... and with DCP’s unique cohort system, she was able to do just that and balance all the moving parts of her life, career, and education. Watch Yvette in this video and learn how the Accelerated Degree Programs can help bring all the pieces together.

“When I came to Albright, I didn’t realize that there were pieces of me missing. I thought I was doing great” Johnson said. “But I was missing 60 degrees. Albright completed that circle for me.”

Yvette’s Advice for Adults Thinking of Returning to School

“Just do it. If you wait, you will not do it. There are so many excuses. Right before I decided I wanted to go back to school, I filled up a yellow note pad with excuses. When I looked back at my list recently, it was full of things like, ‘The refrigerator broke, and I have to wait for the guy.’ or ‘I won’t be able to go out to dinner.’ And I realized none of my excuses really made sense.”