Meet Alex Colon Meet Yvette Johnson Meet Kay Burky
Meet Lynnette Clinton Meet Brian Rathgeb Meet Dr. Lindsay A. Phillips
Meet the Faces of ADP

Meet Alex Colon

Major: Accounting
Location: Bethlehem
Job: Realtor, Tax Preparer at Colon Tax Services
Favorite Class: Management 1
Favorite Class: Introduction to Accounting

At one point in Alex Colon’s life, people were telling him, “Alex, you can do more.” Now, they say to him “Alex, I don’t know how you do it.” Read Alex’s story (as well as watch him in a video) and learn how the Accelerated Degree Programs can get you can do more.

Meet Yvette Johnson

Major: Business Administration
Location: Blue Bell
Position: Art Dealer (self-employed)
Favorite Classes: Accounting, International Business and Science in the Modern World

Yvette Johnson, business administration major and art dealer, realized that there were no good excuses or reasons why shouldn’t get her degree... so she just ahead and did it (and graduated with a 3.95 GPA!). Read Yvette’s story (as well as watch her in a video) and learn how Albright College can help you move forward as well.

Kay Burky

Major: Organizational Behavior/ Applied Psychology
Location: Lancaster
Position: Senior VP, Director of Corporate Training
Favorite Classes: Program Evaluation, Statistical Analysis, Human Resource Management

After Kay Burky graduated from high school, she immediately landed a job as a bank teller. She made the choice not to go to college but it was decision she would later regret. But after her 50th birthday, she decided that something could be done about regrets. So she decided to get her degree... and she decided to do it at Albright. Read Kay’s story (as well as watch her in a video) and learn how Albright College’s Accelerated Degree Programs can help you achieve your goals.

Lynnette and Robert Clinton

Lynnette Clinton: Manager, Revenue Cycle Systems
Robert Clinton: Sr. Network Engineer / Mobility Practice Lead
Major: Information Sciences
Location: Bethlehem

Robert and Lynnette Clinton, husband and wife, decided to return to college together. “In our field, there’s definitely a lot of weight put on having a bachelor’s degree versus having an associate’s degree, even with work experience,” says Robert. “And it just seemed to be the right time.” Read their story (as well as watch them in a video) and learn how ADP helped these working parents further their career goals.

Brian Rathgeb

Major: Crime and Justice
Location: Pottstown
Job: Police Officer
Favorite Classes: Crime, Culture and Conflict, Crime and Deviance

Brian immediately saw that the Accelerated Degree Program, with its dedicated faculty and unique student support systems of ‘cohorts,’ would finally help him attain his degree. “I saw the opportunity and knew nothing like that was going to come again, so I decided to commit,” says the Pottstown Police Officer. Read Brian’s story (as well as watch him in a video) and see the many ways that Albright College’s Accelerated Degree Programs can inspire you to succeed.

Dr. Lindsay A. Phillips

Assistant Professor of Psychology

“If you’ve always wanted a Bachelor’s degree, this is a place where you’ll find real support, you’ll find people who have experience in their own fields, and who will really value your real world experience and help you bring that into the classroom,” says Lindsay Phillips, Psy.D., nationallly recognized practicing psychologist and Albright assistant professor. Read Dr. Phillips’ story and see what experience could mean for you.