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Meet Melissa Wells

Albright Instructor
of Economics & Business

Melissa’s Story

An Albright graduate herself, Melissa Wells worked for many years in the banking industry—as Director of Strategic Planning & Marketing at Millennium Bancorp, Director of the Branch System for Millennium Bank, and Relationship Manager for Bank Outsourcing at GE Capital among other positions—before she brought her knowledge and expertise back to Albright College as an instructor.

For Wells, it’s her (and other DCP instructor’s) ”on-the-ground” experience that offers students the most useful perspective. ”I think what students really value, on top of all of the convenience here, is having instructors who not only have a strong educational background but also have real world business experience in my case, or for instance, psychology experience in the case of our psychology program, and so on.”

As an instructor for Management I & II (the first class students take in the business program) and director of the Capstone Project (the final project), Wells is in the perfect vantage point to witness not only the growth of DCP students but the employment and networking opportunities that become available to them as they work their way through the program.

”I watch a lot of students who come into the program in one position and leave in another—either with the same company or in some cases with a different company,” says Wells. ”Not only do students discover new opportunities, they learn more about possibilities in their current career or discover an entirely new one. Some of our students even come back and teach for us.”

Melissa on Capstone

“The Capstone Project is designed to pull together all of the material that students have learned throughout the curriculum as well as their own personal business experiences into one final applied realistic project. Students have to create a new business and put together a business plan. It really gives them the opportunity to see how all of the pieces fit together so that they can understand the big picture in business, which is something that you often don’t get from a business program.”