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Meet Lynnette & Robert Clinton

Lynnette’s Position: Manager,
Revenue Cycle Systems
Robert’s Position: Sr. Network Engineer / Mobility Practice Lead
Major: Information Sciences
Location: Bethlehem

Lynnette and Robert’s Story

After years of working in the information systems industry, Robert and Lynnette Clinton, husband and wife, decided to return to college together. “In our field, there’s definitely a lot of weight put on having a bachelor’s degree versus having an associate’s degree, even with work experience,” says Robert. “And it just seemed to be the right time.”

However, shortly after signing up for the program the two faced a life-changing event: Lynnette found out she was pregnant. The couple began to struggle with some serious doubts. “Right away we had concerns,” remembers Lynnette. “Should we continue? Should one of us quit?” But eventually they came to the same conclusion. Robert and Lynnette were determined to continue their studies and prepare for parenthood. Both agree that the pace and predictability of the program made their level of commitment possible. “Really, the program was designed for working parents,” Lynnette points out.

While in the program, both working professionals especially valued the real-world experience of their professors. “I think that more than anything, the experiences our professors shared with us, and the things that happened in their day-to-day life and day-to-day job helped move us forward more than any book could,” explains Lynnette.

Lynnette and Robert Clinton, husband and wife and information systems majors and IT professionals, determined that their careers would get a boost if they obtained their bachelor’s degrees... and Albright College’s Accelerated Degree Programs made that goal accessible and achievable. Watch them in this video and learn how ADP can accelerate your success as well.

True to plan, the couple both moved forward after graduation. Lynnette’s job search led her to move up in the ranks as a Senior Systems Analyst at a new company soon followed by a promotion to Manager. She now manages a sizeable staff. Robert has moved to a more senior position at his company.

“I’m absolutely more confident when I apply for any job. The degree itself is something that’s enabled me to grow in my career,” says Robert. “And Albright is a recognizable name that makes a difference.”

Lynnette’s Advice for Adults Students

“Make the first appointment and just do it. ...Once you’re in the program, you don’t have the time to think about it. You just do it.”