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Meet the Faces of ADP: Dr. Lindsay A. Phillips

Dr. Phillips’ Story

Three years after Dr. Lindsay Phillips graduated from Albright, she returned to her alma mater a professor in the Applied Psychology program.

Dr. Lindsay Phillips, Albright College Assistant Professor of Psychology

For Phillips, what distinguishes Albright most (and what attracted her as a student) is the quality of the faculty she eventually joined herself “If you choose Albright, you’re going to have instructors that aren’t just in academics,” she said, “We’re people who are out there, working in the field.”

Case in point. Lindsay Phillips, Psy.D. herself is a practicing psychologist who has conducted extensive research on how prison inmates cope with their re-entry into society. So students benefit from her experience as a psychologist as well as her background as a researcher—bringing the course material to life and offering invaluable insight into the fields of mental health and social services.

Like other Albright professors, Phillips goes beyond the role of teacher. “Students will be able to meet with people who are actually actively working in the field,” says Lindsay.

From young professionals hoping to advance in their jobs to adults looking to change careers, Lindsay Phillips, Psy.D. has seen all of her students succeed. Often, when her students leave the program they quickly receive jobs or advance in their current positions. “We’re here to support you along the way,” she said, “We’ve helped students overcome all sorts of different obstacles to get their degrees, and they always say it’s worth it in the end.”

Dr. Phillips’ Advice for Prospective Students

“If you’ve always wanted a bachelor’s degree, this is a place where you’ll find real support, you’ll find people who have experience in their own fields, and who will really value your real world experience and help you bring that into the classroom.”

Dr. Phillips on Resources Available to ADP Students

“There are a wide variety of resources available to adult students outside of the classroom. Many Albright instructors have direct experience in the field, so there are many opportunities for students to receive mentoring. They can also find support from our excellent library and writing center staff. Finally, our career center is an excellent resource for students, whether they are looking to advance in their current profession or enter and excel in a new field.”

Dr. Phillips in the News

Dr. Lindsay Phillips, Assistant Professor, Organizational Behavior/Applied Psychology receives national recognition for her recent study on substance abuse and perceptions. Read about Dr. Phillips in this U.S. News and World Report story.