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Meet Alex Colon

Major: Accounting
Location: Bethlehem
Job: Realtor,
Tax Preparer at Colon Tax Services
Favorite Class: Introduction to Accounting

Alex’s Story

At one point in Alex Colon’s life, people were telling him, “Alex, you can do more.” Now, they say to him “Alex, I don’t know how you do it.”

Alex juggles many responsibilities as a full-time realtor, husband, father of two, preacher at an Evangelical church, and now, as a student in Albright’s Accelerated Accounting Program. With discipline and a positive attitude, Alex has been able to complete a course in five to seven weeks. “There are many nights I don’t go to bed because I have to do this, but I know that it’s temporary. It’s an effort I’m making so that I could have a better life,” said Alex.

And when his natural optimism wears thin, Alex’s cohort (a group of 9 to 15 adult students who complete the program together) is there to encourage him. “They point out the positive things and that’s what I try to concentrate on,” he said. “On the other hand, when other’s struggle, I can become a positive influence in their life and help them continue on.”

Alex Colon, accounting major as well as realtor and tax accountant, found that Albright’s one night a week model enabled him to work toward his degree... and reaching his potential. Watch Alex in this video and learn how Albright College’s Accelerated Degree Programs can help you be more and do more.

Last year, Alex opened up the doors of Colon Tax Services, where he had a successful year working as a tax preparer for small firms and continuing his work in real estate. “I’ve always been an entrepreneur. I love to work at my own pace,” Alex reflected.

Even when faced with the notoriously difficult CPA exam, Alex maintained his confident attitude, which may be the secret to his success. “Don’t concentrate on how hard it is, but concentrate on the outcome that you will get after it.”

Alex on the Albright College Accelerated Degree Programs Difference

“We all become like a family. Everyone knows everything about you, if you’re going on vacation, where are you going, and we share things about each other. That helps us keep on going. I want to go back to class because my friends are there.”