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Bachelor of Science in
Information Systems and Management

Albright’s distinctive new major in information systems and management (ISAM) is designed to provide students with both the technical skills and the business acumen required to excel in information systems and business environments.

Whether you intend to change your professional course or advance in your current career, Albright College’s Accelerated Degree Program in information systems and management will equip you with the knowledge needed to achieve your goal. This program is designed for business managers who require a foundation in information systems, information systems professionals who need to better understand business principles to succeed in leadership and management roles, and those who otherwise aspire to become well versed in both disciplines while earning a bachelor’s degree.

ISAM may be the program just for you...

Course Descriptions

IST 905 Fundamentals of Information Systems

This course provides an introduction to systems and development concepts, information technology and application software. It explains how information is used in organizations and how IT enables improvement in quality, timeliness, and competitive advantage.

IST 945 & 950 Structural Analysis and Logical Design

These courses provide an understanding of the system development and modification process. They enable students to evaluate and choose a system development methodology. They emphasize the factors for effective communication and integration with users and user systems. Additional topics covered are object-oriented analysis and design, use of data modeling tools, and development and adherence to life cycle standards.

BUS 905 & 910 Management Concepts and Applications I & II

These courses will cover both the basics of management and selected topics in advanced management.

BUS 941 Business Statistics

The objective of this course is to review basic business, mathematical skills, use spreadsheet software to create and solve mathematical models, and to introduce students to basic statistics such as: descriptive statistics, probability, probability distributions and inferential statistics.

IST 955 Database Management Principles

This course covers information systems design and implementation within a database management systems environment. Students will work through the entire process of database development and creation. Focus will be on relational databases, data modeling, SQL, and the creation of online databases.

IST 960 Advanced Database Concepts

This course introduces the client/server database model and its use in the Oracle database system. Hands-on projects are incorporated into the course to give students meaningful practice in understanding client-server systems and relational databases. Creation of an integrated database application and a web application will be part of the tasks assigned.

BUS 920 Marketing

BUS 915 Managerial Economics

This course will focus on the principles of microeconomics, and more importantly, their application to management decision making. Topics covered will include (but not limited to) pricing decisions, production theory, cost analysis, risk analysis and market structure analysis.

IST 965 Data Communications

This course provide an in-depth knowledge of data communications and networking requirements including networking and telecommunications technologies, hardware and software.

BUS 935 Accounting

This course will concentrate on the principles of financial and managerial accounting. The emphasis will be on the use of this information in management decision-making.

BUS 945 Finance I (7 weeks)

This course will cover both the basics of corporate (managerial) finance and selected topics from advanced finance courses.

Business, Government & Society (5 weeks)

This course will cover the ethical and legal issues facing business people today. Emphasis will be on both the ethical behavior of the individual and the social responsibility of the organization. Special attention will be paid to the relationship between morality and law. Topics will include employee issues, environmental issues, informational and intellectual property issues, and consumer welfare.

IST 975 & 980 Project Management and Practice, Module I and Module II

These capstone courses cover the factors necessary for successful management of system development or enhancement projects. Both technical and behavioral aspects of project management are discussed. The focus is on management of development for enterprise-level systems.