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General Studies Requirements at Albright

Albright College is strongly committed to the philosophy of a general studies program that insures both breadth of educational experience and mastery of skills essential to all well-educated individuals.

The objective of the general studies program is to educate students to:

  • Think and analyze critically
  • Organize and communicate effectively, both in writing and speaking
  • Appreciate the human historical record
  • Appreciate and express themselves through aesthetic and creative experience
  • Understand the physical environment and their relationship to it
  • Understand and function in the social, economic and political environment
  • Appreciate other cultures
  • Understand and appreciate the diversity of religious beliefs and practices
  • See and use interrelationships between various fields of knowledge
  • Understand and use ethical principles in developing their own natural capabilities—psychological, physical and moral

General Studies Areas

Each student must successfully complete the general studies courses* and programs listed below. Students can register for general studies and elective courses through Albright College Degree Start Program. Please contact your Enrollment Advisor for other options available to satisfy general studies requirements, such as CLEP, transfer credits, and academic credit for experiential learning.

English Composition (2 courses)

The Fine Arts (1 course)

Social Science (2 courses)
Two courses, one in each of two social sciences. Some examples of area of social sciences would be: economics, political science, psychology, or sociology/anthropology.

Humanities (4 courses)
Four courses covering at least three of the following areas:

  • Literature
  • History
  • Education
  • Philosophy
  • Advanced Foreign Language Culture
  • Religion

Natural Science (1 course)
One laboratory-oriented course in natural science.

Foreign Language/Culture ( 2 courses)
Students can choose from taking two courses in Foreign Culture courses, two courses in Foreign Language courses, or choose one Foreign Culture and one Foreign Language course to satisfy this requirement.

Interdisciplinary Course (1 course)
A course that synthesizes multiple academic disciplines around a common subject.

Elective Requirement (students will need to achieve the equivalent of 39 credits in elective credits).

*Please speak with your Enrollment Advisor for guidance. These requirements may be modified through certain articulation agreements with regional community colleges. Students will also need to complete the 16 courses in the Degree Completion Program they choose to achieve a total of 126 credits to graduate from Albright College.