Accelerated Degree Programs

Bachelor of Science in Crime & Justice

Albright College offers a crime and justice interdisciplinary major, which focuses on the legal, political, administrative, psychological and sociological analysis of criminal deviance and societal responses to crime.

Travis Mertz, Veteran and Crime & Justice student from the Bethlehem location

The courses provide students with a broad-based understanding of traditional and contemporary theoretical explanations of criminal behavior; the current patterns related to the incidence and prevalence of crime and victimization in contemporary society; the methodological and statistical techniques used to measure and analyze criminal deviance; the implications and ramifications of criminal deviance for society in general and for its individual members; and an understanding of the broader political, legal, and ethical contexts in which the criminal justice system operates.


Crime & Justice Fact Sheet (Albright Career Development Center)
Sociology Careers (Albright Career Development Center)

Albright College Faculty

  • Carla Abodalo, M.S.
    Academic Program Coordinator & instructor
    Areas of Specialization: Criminal Justice, Terrorism, Domestic Violence & Organized Crime

Required Courses

78 credits in general studies & elective credits
48 credits in Computer Information Systems at Albright College

  • CRJ 917 Crime, Culture and Conflict Resolution
  • CRJ 918 Violence & Victims
  • CRJ 914 Juvenile Justice
  • CRJ 905 Crime & Deviance
  • CRJ 960 Criminal Law
  • CRJ 966 Public Policy and Administration
  • CRJ 920 Social Psychology
  • CRJ 940 Law & Society
  • CRJ 945 Adult Psychopathology
  • CRJ 952 Diversity & Cross Cultural Issues
  • CRJ 912 Organized Crime
  • CRJ 970 Seminar in Crime & Justice
  • CRJ 925 Statistics
  • CRJ 930 Research Methods
  • CRJ 956 Criminology Seminar
  • CRJ 975 Applied Project