Accelerated Degree Programs

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

ACBSP Candidate for Accreditation The business department offers a major in business administration, which focuses on the four major areas of business: management, economics, accounting/finance and marketing. The bachelor’s degree in Business Administration has a senior capstone course that comprises the learning objectives from the business curriculum and allows students to apply the learning into designing and business plan for a mock start-up company. Albright College is currently a candidate for ACBSP accreditation.


BLS Occupational Outlook: Managers (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
BLS Occupational Outlook: Marketing (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Albright College Faculty

  • Melisa Wells, M.B.A.
    Program Coordinator and Instructor of Economics & Business
  • Patrick Schmid, Ph.D.
    Instructor of Business

Required Courses

78 credits in general studies & elective credits
48 credits in Computer Information Systems at Albright College

  • BUS 905 Management Concepts I
  • BUS 910 Management Concepts II
  • BUS 941 Business Statistics
  • BUS 942 Production Management
  • BUS 952 Management of Information
  • BUS 930 Applied Macroeconomics
  • BUS 915 Managerial Economics
  • BUS 920 Marketing I
  • BUS 925 Marketing II
  • BUS 935 Accounting I
  • BUS 936 Accounting II
  • BUS 945 Financial Management I
  • BUS 950 Financial Management II
  • BUS 960 Business, Government and Society
  • BUS 955 International Business
  • BUS 965 Senior Capstone