Peer Tutoring


Welcome to the Peer Tutoring program! Our program is internationally certified at Level 1 through the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA). This accrediting organization reported that our certification application which we debuted via a new website was one of the best of 2010.

Tutoring is a free service provided to all Albright students. Each semester we offer tutoring in many subject areas such as Spanish, math, science, sociology, psychology and accounting. Our ALC tutors are trained in effective learning and tutoring techniques and they are supervised by the ALC staff. Tutors can offer you assistance in test preparation, homework, assignments, study guides and study strategies.

The philosophy of our Peer Tutoring Program is that tutoring peer to peer is a wonderful way for students to develop course mastery and learn new skills, too. Our peer tutors are committed to working with you on a weekly basis and have experienced firsthand the impact tutoring makes on their tutees learning and performance.


How Tutoring Works

Tutors and tutees (that’s the student being tutored) will do this:

  • Establish an agreed upon, scheduled time to meet each week. Each will arrive on time, cancellations require at least 24 hours notice.
  • Each will arrive prepared and ready with questions. Tutees will arrive having completed readings and assignments.

It’s important to know that tutors are not responsible for your grades; instead they are responsible for assisting you with study skills and course content. Tutoring is not a substitute for class attendance. Tutees are strongly encouraged to notify their professors if they are using the ALC tutoring service because it demonstrates effort and care for their class.

Once you fully complete the online form:

  • We will make an assignment match within 5 business days. Your assignments will be communicated to you via e-mail by our tutor coordinator.
  • Your assigned tutor will then contact you within 48 business hours to schedule your first meeting. You will then find a time to meet on a weekly basis.
  • Should you miss sessions, your tutor will notify the ALC director.
  • There is no guarantee of tutor availability in every subject, particularly when the request is received late in the semester.

NOTE: Tutoring must be done in a public location, preferably in the Academic Learning Center Tutoring Lab or the Academic Learning Center office suite.

Request a Tutor Online

Individual Tutor Request Form
Please note that tutoring services are available to undergraduate students only.  Students in the ADP program need to contact the ADP Director for academic support.

Fall 2017 Study Group Schedule

Apply to Become a Tutor

The ALC is currently seeking new tutors for Albright’s Level 1 internationally certified Peer Tutoring Program. Peer tutors are viewed as academic leaders who are offered a unique opportunity to make a difference on campus. All peer tutors must meet the following minimum requirements: completion of at least one semester at Albright, overall GPA of 3.00 or higher, a B+ or higher in the course(s) one will tutor, and good standing with the college.



  • 97% believed their tutor listened to their concerns about the class

  • 96% believed their tutors were patient with their learning process

  • 95% responded that their tutoring experience helped them prepare for quizzes, tests, and papers

  • 98% reported they would recommend tutoring services to their friends


Student Testimonials about Tutoring

Using tutoring helped me understand the class a lot more. They also helped me with testing strategies because they had my professors at one point which made it a lot easier.”

“Tutoring helped me clear up a lot of things that I was unclear on in class. My tutor went further into explaining things that I thought were confusing and also helped me to remember some of the information that would be on tests.”

“I met my Spanish tutor two times a week and it really helped me set aside time to study and get my work done. It also helped me greatly with exams as my tutor knew exactly how to help me be prepared for an upcoming quiz or exam.”

My tutor…

“…made sure I understood the material before moving on.”
“…was very patient and helpful.”
… was friendly, reliable, and helpful.
“… used different ways to help me learn.”
“…always listened to problems and gave useful feedback.”