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The ALC has developed learning communities amongst the 80+ Peer Tutor Teams. In addition to maintaining our accreditation standards through the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA) through tutor training and evaluations, we have created specialized trainings for 5 discipline teams led by our 5 Tutor Managers. This is a role that has evolved into a substantial student leadership model in conjunction with our newly formed learning communities. Our current Tutor Managers are highlighted on the Meet Our Staff webpage, along with all of our Peer Tutors.

Each Tutor Manager establishes specific and dated goals for their teams which led to the creation of dozens of electronic teaching resources for tutor and tutee development. For example, tutors are exploring Bloom’s Learning theory to push tutees beyond reliance upon memorization skills for independent learning.

On behalf of the ALC, we hope that you will find this news section of our website as exciting as we do!