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The ALC tutoring program partners with faculty to provide additional academic support for many 100-200 general education courses.  Through faculty recommendations, consultations, and collaboration, the ALC is able to hire and train tutors to best support classes.  Please reach out to us with any questions!

The Tutor Request form will open the first day of the second week of classes and will close the last day to withdraw from a course with W or WF..  

Recommending tutors for classes:

New Tutors:

As part of our CRLA certification, all tutors must be recommended to tutor individual classes by their respective faculty member.  If you have a stand-out student who you believe would be a great tutor, please tell us so we can reach out to them about applying.  Please also fill out a Faculty Recommendation Form to confirm that the student is qualified to tutor your course.

Returning Tutors:

As our current tutors take new classes, we monitor their transcripts to determine if they may be able to tutor new courses.  If a student earned at least a B+ in your class and you believe would be a good tutor, please fill out a Faculty Recommendation Form.  Tutors must receive a faculty recommendation and earned at least a B+ in order to tutor the course.

Study Groups:

The ALC is happy to run study groups for courses where faculty find group conversation and collaboration particularly helpful.  The ALC will also arrange study groups for popularly requested classes to allow students additional assistance.  Since the ALC’s tutoring model is based on a partnership (the tutor and tutee meet every week for the entire semester) study groups allow for “drop-in” tutoring which doesn’t require a semester-long commitment.  Please contact us if you feel that a study group would be beneficial resource for your class.  Study groups are run by tutors who have taken the course, earned at least a B+, and have received a recommendation from their professor.