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Accomodated and Make Up Tests

Scheduling an exam in the ALC:

  1. You will find two different forms that are used to arrange an exam in the ALC: Accommodated Testing Form and the Makeup Exam Form. Students who receive accommodations through the Disability Services Office will use the Accommodated Testing Form.  This form allows students to request the accommodations for their exam. Students who do not use accommodations but rather need to take their exam in the ALC due to other reasons (they need to make up a test, they have a conflict, etc.) will use the Makeup Exam Form.

  2. Students are responsible for arranging their exams in the ALC.  They must speak to you in advance, complete the appropriate form with you, and then submit the form to the ALC.  As stated on the form, the student must return this form to the ALC at least 3 days before their scheduled exam (ex: for an exam on Friday, the student must turn the form in by Tuesday).  We need this time to reserve the room and make proper arrangements. If a student submits a form late, we try to be flexible if there are space and staff available, but this cannot be guaranteed.

  3. The student must complete their section (the top section) of the form first before you fill out your section (the bottom section) of the form.  This allows you to confirm the proposed date and time of the exam and other aspects of your expectations.  Please fill out all parts of the instructor section of the exam form.  This will allow us to properly administer the exam.

  4. Since departments use different types of scantrons, please provide us with the appropriate scantron for your test.  The ALC is able to supply blue books for the exam.

  5. If you are emailing an exam, please send it to  This is a secure email account only accessible by the Disability Services Director, ALC Director, ALC Administrative Assistant, Disability Services Staff Assistant.

  6. If you have any questions about approved accommodations or accommodation arrangements, please contact Yuriko Beaman (; 610-929-6639).

  7. We require a person (you or a designated person, such as a building secretary) to sign for receiving the completed exam.  For security purposes, we no longer place exams in mailboxes or slide under office doors. 

Administering exams:

  1. When students arrive to take their exam, we have them leave their bookbags, cellphones, wallets, sweatshirts/other bulky clothes and any other items at our front desk for monitoring. Students only enter the exam room with the exam, a pen/pencil and any approved exam materials noted by you on the exam form.

  2. There are windows to see into the room, and the director and administrative assistant monitor them as they take the exam.

  3. If a student needs to use a computer for any reason, we unplug the internet and have the computer screen face the window of the room.  We monitor their computer usage during their exam.

  4. We explain to students that when taking exams in the ALC, you are generally unavailable to answer questions. If they have questions and you are not available, we ask that they write their questions and what they know of the answer on the exam for you to review when grading.

  5. If an exam has a recording component, we will follow your instructions on how it is administered.  If a student can only listen to the recording once,  we will start the recording, keep track of the length of the recording as we monitor the exam, and end the recording once time is up.  We will then turn off the computer so that it is not listened to more than once.

  6. If we catch someone cheating, we take the contraband material away and allow the student to finish the exam.  We will indicate which portion of the exam was completed prior to the disallowed material being taken away. We will inform you of the situation and provide you with the material used for cheating so that you can decide what is the appropriate next step.