Academic Skills Workshops
Academic Workshop Title


“With attending the workshops, I have learned multiple skills that have helped me better understand my studying habits and learning styles.” 

“I feel as if the workshops give students an outlook on how they can improve their way of life by adapting their schooling to themselves as an individual.”

“I think the professors’ involvement is a vital piece in the workshops because it shows the students that these professors are here and want to be involved in helping with success and not just to fail you in their classes.  It establishes a better level of comfort for the student seeing that person outside the classroom environment in a more relaxed perspective.”

“The time management workshop helped me address the problems I had with managing my free time and study time. The Burning Bad Habits and Getting Motivated workshop helped me to focus more on studying and homework. The two combined helped me to become overall more organized, which in turn helped me to study better and get my work done earlier.”

“I was able to learn new skills that helped me understand how to analyze books in another way rather than reading and taking notes.”

Learning Resources
The ALC, your tutors, faculty, and staff have worked together to create handouts on study skills and specific learning strategies. Please feel welcome to download these tip sheets.