Academic Recovery

Program Support

All students on academic probation for the first time, or those continuing on probation, are required to participate in an academic support program. Our probation program is designed to provide students with multiple valuable skills which are needed to be academically successful at Albright College. With additional support and structure from the ALC, our student success data shows that students who avail themselves of our program better position themselves to reach their academic goals.

Students on academic probation must complete the following requirements:

  1. Successfully complete at least three classes.

  2. Meet with an ALC staff member at least 6 times a semester

  3. Meet with their faculty adviser at least three times throughout the semester which includes registration counseling and informing coaches, as appropriate.

  4. Attend the mandatory probation kick off meeting and at least five academic skills workshops offered throughout the semester by the ALC.

  5. Participate in regular tutoring sessions for their coursework, as appropriate.

  6. Sign a probation agreement that outlines these requirements and paves a clear path for reaching the student’s goal of getting off academic probation.

  7. Reach the required cumulative GPA at the end of the semester.


Academic Probation Program Satisfaction from this Past Spring Semester

  • 92% of students believed that, overall, the Academic Probation Program provided them with the resources they needed to succeed academically.

  • 92% of students believed that their academic performance has improved as a result of this program.

  • 92% of students believed that meeting regularly with an ALC staff member helped them remain accountable for their own academic success.

  • 90% of students believed that meeting regularly with an ALC staff member helped them learn new strategies as a student.


Testimonials from Students who Got off of Academic Probation

“The probation requirements are perfect. It kept me on top of my school work, and is the sole reason why I am doing well in school right now. It forces you to become accountable for your own actions and your school work. It helps the student take more pride in his or her school work.”

“Truly, this is a great program to have because it shows that this school is willing to do everything possible to help the students at Albright College. The faculty are willing to dedicate their time to help a student in need…hopefully this program will continue to help students reach their full potential.”

“The ALC gave me that push I needed to get things going in the right direction like making study guides, reading the material, talking with teachers, helping find tutors, keeping tabs on my progress, and listening to me rant."

“The only reason I am doing better now is because of everything the ALC has done for me. They really care and can relate to the young adults that need them. I know I couldn’t have gotten to where I am without the help of the ALC.”