Albright College
The Strategic Plan • Taking the Lead in the 21st Century
Approved by the Board of Trustees • February 23, 2002
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Goal Four:
Leadership in Service

We will strengthen our commitment to engage in service to our community in order to instill in our students the belief that service to others is important.

Our objectives are:

Create and support new opportunities to reach out, as an institution and as individuals, to our neighboring communities
in the city, county, and state.

Reinforce the interconnection and value of life experiences as part of the education process. Establish service as a fundamental tenet of an Albright education. We will create partnerships, internships, co-curricular activities, sports, and independent study projects to place our students into the extended community environment. Through these experiences, we will reinforce the learning outcomes that we wish our students to take with them
for life.

Emphasize learning both in and outside of the classroom.
Because the classroom is no longer a room with four walls, we will expand opportunities for independent research, student/faculty research, internships, and service learning to provide our students with a variety of learning experiences that deepen their understanding and expand their competence. We will solicit the assistance of our alumni to identify new and innovative learning opportunities to buttress classroom learning experiences.

Increase Albright's visibility in and contribution to the communities in which we live. Whether it is through partnerships with our local schools and businesses, cultural events staged and open to the community, service projects for the ill or disadvantaged in our community, or a variety of other collaborations, Albright will extend its strengths and its spirit as a catalyst for dynamic change and improvement in the community around us.

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How will we know we are successful?

SELECTED KEY INDICATORS: Number of active student and faculty volunteers in the community; availability and use of Albright facilities by external organizations; number of Albright partnerships with local organizations; ratio of students involved in undergraduate research projects of direct benefit to the local community; alumni interface with students and college activities; number of Albright persons serving on community boards/panels; number of Berks County students that enroll; number of local minority students that enroll.

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