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Careers and International Relations

There are many careers that benefit from a background in international relations. Indeed, with the increased pace of globalization, it is difficult to find a career that does not have an international element! This co-concentration is vital to developing a foundation for success in a range of fields, including public service, business, the non-profit sector, education and law.


The chart below lists some of the careers that benefit from this field of study. Please note that some of these careers may require education beyond a bachelor’s degree.

Community Relations Director

Diplomatic Officer

United Nations Worker

Security Adviser

Foreign Services Officer


Legislative Aide

Customs Inspector


International Lawyer

Legislative Correspondent

Foreign Travel Escort


International Relations Officer

Intelligence Research Specialist

International Account Executive

International Media Planner

International Restaurant Manager

International Bank Manager

International Stock Broker

International Job Analyst

International Consultant

International Purchasing Agent

International Travel Agent

International Real Estate Agent/Broker

International Financial Analyst

International Quality Control Auditor

International Commodities Trader

International Bookkeeper

International Economist

International Finance Writer

International CEO

International Appraiser

International Loan Officer

International Sales Analyst

Foreign Exchange Trader

International Account Representative

International Advertising Executive

International Marketing Specialist

International Correspondent

Import/Export Coordinator

Foreign Affairs Analyst

International Financial Planner

International Buyer

International Product Manager